Heading North

The only thing worse than a strong head wind when towing a trailer is a strong side wind, and we’ve had to endure both on the first two days of our 102-day Trans-Canada Journey.

Of course, we haven’t reached Canada yet.  That won’t happen until Saturday.  It’s going to take us three days just to get to the Great White North, the first two of which took us from our home in Aurora, Colorado, north to Sheridan, Wyoming, and on west to Anaconda, Montana.  The winds have been howling the entire way, causing vegetation to bend over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and flags to stick out like they’ve OD’d on Viagra.  The low-riding trailer has been following faithfully but our tow vehicle, a tall Nissan Xterra, has been rocking like a party van as it gets wind-buffeted down the pavement.

Hopefully, when we emerge from the flats and head into the mountains, things will calm down and I won’t have to keep white-knuckling the steering wheel to keep our progress on the straight and narrow.

Blame Caputo

A few years ago, I was perusing the travel section in a Barns & Noble store when I stumbled upon “The Longest Road,” a book whose cover featured the image of a trailer being pulled down the pavement.

Written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Philip Caputo, the book tells the tale of a trailer-camping trip he took across America.  We had just recently purchased our own camping trailer, so of course, I bought the book and quickly read it from cover to cover.

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Canada Plan

Beginning June 21st, Dianne and I will begin a three-month camping escapade across Canada in our tiny, a-frame trailer.  We’ll be spending 102 days on the road, bunking in an 84-square-foot trailer and since we don’t have a bathroom onboard, we’ll be using nothing but public restrooms (called washrooms up there).  Should be interesting after all of that good Canadian beer.

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