The Drought is Over

The drought was ongoing and apparently the Newfies were worried.  Not a drop of rain had fallen on us since Friday evening.  By Sunday, with the sun flaunting itself and temperatures soaring into the 60s, even the water-filled highway potholes were becoming dryer than a Mormon picnic.

Drastic measures were taken by the locals.  Push buttons operating the campground showers were set to stay on for 15 seconds or less, and a nearby restaurant requested that we save water by drinking wine.

Fortunately, relief has come.  The heavens have opened tonight and for 30 consecutive minutes, we were pounded by a Noah-inspiring deluge.  We saw fellow campers lugging in bags of firewood, presumably not to build burning blazes but to use as emergency flotation devices.  Our entry rug has become a sponge and our picnic table now centers Campsite Lake.  Fortunately, we and a few deluge-escaping bugs sit snug and dry inside our A-frame.

But just in case, we’re still drinking wine.