So, you might wonder, after six seasons and 400 nights spent camping in our trusty A-frame trailer, why will we soon be swapping it for a conventional box trailer.  Let me explain.

It’s all my wife’s fault.  Because the trailer folds down, the refrigerator is only of half height.  And Dianne has bad knees.  She can’t kneel.  To get anything out of the fridge (like fetching another beer for her loving husband), she has to drop to her knees and crawl to the refrigerator door.  “That’s getting old”, she says.

Then there’s the bed.  It goes crossways across the back of the A-frame trailer.  To get up in the middle of the night, he who sleeps on the back side has to crawl over she who sleeps on the front.  “That, too, is getting old”, she says.

And then there’s the time it takes to get moving in the morning and setting up in the afternoon.  Erecting the top takes 90 seconds.  Moving boxes of food and luggage around (and everything else that is required to set things up) takes Dianne an hour or more.  “That’s fine if we’re staying in one place for a longer period.  It’s not great, however, for traveling when we’re staying in one spot for only a night” she says.

Yes, we might claim it’s because we need more room and storage space for our travels, but when all is said and done, the truth is that my loving wife just wants a new trailer.