Through 2017

Our trailer has been washed, emptied and winterized.  We won’t be taking it out again until next spring.

That means it’s time to calculate the per-night cost of camping, and compare it to what quality of motel we could have been staying in for the same price if had we driven the Mazda instead of dragging a trailer.

Drum roll please.

Fully expensing the cost of the trailer and all we’ve done to it over five seasons, plus the cost of insurance, camping fees, propane and the extra fuel we used pulling the trailer versus driving our little Mazda, our 305 nights spent in camping over five seasons cost us about $125 per night.  I figure that’s about the equivalent of bunking down in the typical Hampton Inn.

Of course, the trailer has a residual value and some of the goodies we’ve added will move with us, which would lower our per-night cost.  Add to that the amount we’ve saved per day by dining in the trailer versus eating in restaurants and we’re definitely ahead with the trailer.

Best of all, by camping we’ve been able to meet some interesting people and stay in some pretty phenomenal places.  Now, those are things you don’t get at the typical Hampton Inn.