Goodbye Canada

From Fundy, we drove along New Brunswick’s coastline toward St. John.  Our one detour was for the Fundy Trail Parkway, a 12-mile toll-road drive along the coastline.  While things looked good at the entry kiosk where we paid our toll, most of the scenery beyond was cloaked in dense coastal fog.

At least it wasn’t raining.

We spent our last Canadian night at a provincial park along the coastline.  The following morning, we packed up the trailer and drove down the highway to the border crossing at Calais, Maine, for our reentry into the United States.

There were seven vehicles ahead of us in line for the only open entrance station.  The line moved agonizingly slow as the border official checked documents and asked questions.  Automobile trunks were opened and trailer and motor homes entered.

Our turn finally came.  We handed over our passports and answered a barrage of questions about where we’d been and what we were bringing back.  I expected we’d have to open the trailer so he could check the refrigerator for contraband vegies, but with the hint of a smile, he simply handed back our passports and let us go with a “Welcome back to the United States.”